About Me

I grant every horse the trainer they need, and I know that you, just like me, can become that trainer, so you know exactly what your horse needs when, and why. 

Years of equine education and yet feeling helpless
In 2015 my horse Vlex was irregular in trot, diagnosed with side bones in his left front foot, and I didn’t want to ride him. We walked a bit together and I tried to practice ‘thingies’ but I couldn’t really give our practice a purpose. And noticed he was not really motivated either. After all these years of equine education and different methods, I felt worthless and was ashamed. Ashamed that I couldn’t help him to stay strong and muscled in a healthy way. Only because he couldn’t be ridden. 

I felt so proud of myself
On the internet, I found the Straightness Training Academy. A big part of the training involved working from the ground. In the beginning, I wasn't really convinced about studying an equine program online. But I gave it a chance and did sign up for the cheapest course that was offered. I started working with Vlex from the ground. Oh… my… how I loved it.... Very quickly I signed up for the full Straightness Training Mastery program. And gathered so many tools to train Vlex from the ground! I used 4 of the 5 pillars: Groundwork, Lungeing, Liberty, and Work in hand. Suddenly I was ready to help him physically. And I discovered many layers in his mental and emotional state. His motivation to work with me in this new way grew. I experienced that when we help our horse with its physical condition, the mental and emotional state will develop automatically.

No doubt: this was my path! 
After a year of training from the ground, I dared to sit on Vlex again. On a bareback pad, and when he walked off, tears ran down my face .… We just walked around the school, and he made me feel like I was weightless. I sat softly and felt light, and it seemed like I was one with his body. Just because he used his core and his back in a proper way. I never looked back. The tools and the skills I gathered, helped me to train my horse in a healthy way even when riding was no option..

Still irregular in trot … but now i could solve it
When I thought Vlex was ready to trot it turned out that he was still a bit irregular. ​ I dug into my tool- and skill box and discovered that his Natural Asymmetry was throwing him off balance diagonally. This time I did not feel so bad and worthless. I now was able to investigate how to solve this diagonal imbalance. And I did solve it. By training Vlex with the gymnastic exercises that follow each other logically. With special attention to his Natural Asymmetry. When we acknowledge the natural asymmetry of our horse, we can train it accordingly! 

I gained so much confidence, I made my dreams come true
Meanwhile, I had gained so much knowledge and confidence in myself as a newborn horse trainer that I dared to fulfil my greatest dream: to buy a foal. This foal is now 5 years old and a well-behaved young chap. Starting to develop his muscles and ready to grow into a strong adult horse. With special attention to his natural asymmetry. Developing like a horse that can easily carry me when he is 6 or 7 years old. By then he is correctly muscled, knows all the aids, knows me, knows the exercises, understands me, enjoys being with me, and likes training with me.  When I started my Straightness Training journey in 2015, I immediately understood that I could become the horse trainer my horse needs. Something I never thought I would be able to do.

Since there was no French-speaking Straightness training Instructor, I decided to become one. So that I could help other horses here in France as well to get a better life.  Because giving a horse a better life is the result of what I teach. Awareness among riders. Awareness about the natural asymmetry of the horse. Awareness about how to strengthen its body and therefore create a better mental and emotional state of mind. I also felt that if I wanted my horse to change, I had to change.
If I would continue to do what I always did, I would get what I always got.  

A lot of horse people never learned that the way they talk, move, the intonation of their voice, their body language, and even the way they look at things influence their horses.

I want to be of value to everyone who doesn't know yet what I know now

It all came together, I found my purpose

It all came together: my 30 years of experience in coaching people and becoming an International Straightness Training Instructor and a Straightness Training Scholars evaluator: a melting pot of skills that make me this complete competent horse- and people Coach.
I have truly found my purpose!

Being the only certified Straightness Training Instructor in France and the only International certified Straightness Training Instructor who speaks French, means that a large proportion of my students are from France or live in French-speaking areas. However, I also teach in English and Dutch. 

Horse training should start here

I have never learned anything about the natural asymmetry of the horse, or about the influence, we have on our horse. Had I known this before, I could have prevented so much unnecessary suffering.
That is why I want to share my knowledge with you.

I want to be of value

I want to be of value to everyone who does not yet know what I know now. I teach you how you can train your horse with back problems, muscle loss, an older or unbalanced horse, and what you need for that.

How you can train your horse from the ground up in a way that he gets a strong and balanced body again, and a round and strong back, so he can carry you easily. A training, in a healthy and enjoyable way, with which you lay a great foundation, for a mentally and physically healthy and balanced horse. And because no horse and no human are the same, I will personally help you with the choice and the learning of the exercises.
And I will help to train your eye, so that you know exactly when your horse does the right exercise and when he does the exercise right.
Therefore, you become your own fitness trainer of your horse and you know exactly what your horse needs, how to help him to become strong and balanced in body and mind, and you both will enjoy your time together. 

If you knew me well, you would know that I talk to every animals, and I am certain that they understand me and that they talk back.
And, that when I was young, I never had riding lessons, a horse, or a dog, and every animal that crossed my path had to be hugged, petted, and if possible, embraced, to get my animal-smell-touch-feel-vitamins.
Once I made my own money I bought my first horse, I was already in my 30s. I had many different horse-riding instructors because I moved cities and countries a lot. But my most outstanding teachers have been my horses. I grant every horse the trainer they need, and I know that you, just like me, can become that trainer, so you know exactly what your horse needs when, and why. 

Postural Gymnastics:
Horse training should start here