How do I keep my horse physically and mentally healthy?

You want to work with your horse, ride your horse, enjoy each other. But your horse has back problems, muscle loss, or has a crooked body. You are frustrated that you fall short in the training.

I teach you to train your horse, so it obtains an agile, flexible and bendable body with a correct posture. You will see this reflected in the way your horse develops physically and mentally and you will see it reflected in your competition results.

Heleen with her horse

Hollow back
Kissing spines
Loss of muscles

Every day you feel incompetent and keep messing around, you miss out a wonderful day with your horse.

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Heleen smiling form under her horse

I completely understand what it's like, to feel useless

Sometimes you just know something is not quite right. You can feel it in the way your horse moves. You can see it in the way their body is developing. But you are not quite sure why this is happening. And how to solve it.  You can see their back is not very well muscled. And you wish you would know what exercise you need.

I completely understand this feeling of not being competent enough. Of doubt and confusion. I have been in that same situation.
When you learn to ride a horse, you are not taught that your horse is naturally asymmetrical in many areas. And that this can cause unpleasant problems if you want to ride them. Nor do you know how to solve problems of aphysical or mental nature.

When your horse has a problem with its back, you don’t know what to do.
Probably the osteopath or the vet has advised you to do stretching exercises, work him long and low, without draw- or side reins, and not ride for a while.
But how do you do that? How can your horse know how to do that?

Or when your horse isn’t motivated to work with you or doesn’t understand what you want. Then you don’t know what to do. Your instructor is probably telling you to be clearer, stricter, more patient, or more understanding.

But what does that mean? When are you clearer, or stricter? And how do you do this?

Do you recognise this?
You've been advised by your veterinarian or osteopath to train your horse without side reins and long and low and not to ride him for a while.  It makes you feel a bit incompetent. And unskilled. Because they didn’t say exactly how, and you have no idea either.

You notice in your horse that he is becoming more and more alert. And sometimes nervous because he doesn't understand what you want or can't do it. This makes you desperate because all you want is to help him. But you don't know exactly how.

You find that your aids become louder and louder. You hold the reins tighter and tighter. And you pull more and more, and that's not at all what you want. It makes you feel worthless and incapable. Because you don't want to shout at all.

It feels like a vicious circle. And your relationship is not improving and that makes you sad. When you talk about it with your instructor or stable mates the answer you get is 'be a bit stricter. Be clear or pull the rein a bit harder.  
But you know that this is not the desired solution. You know that it will only get worse. And you feel misunderstood and not heard because you do know for sure this is not the way to go.

How wonderful it would be if …
... you would feel confident and skilled because you know how to train your horse long and low. Without using side reins. And that your horse is relaxed and enjoying himself along with you.

... you would be able to explain to your horse exactly what you want. And get him motivated to do so.  

... you could work with your horse while it feels that you are working in liberty, without harness, without force. And you only whisper and guide your horse.

... you get pleasure in riding again. That your horse is pain-free and that you feel a confident and competent trainer of your horse.

... you had someone recognizing and understanding your struggles. Someone who has been there, done that, and solved the issues.

This can be possible if you let me coach you

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About Me

My name is Heleen Bouman, born in the Netherlands. I live in the southwest of France. For years I felt I wasn’t the person my horse needed. Despite all the years of equine education I felt insecure about my skills and competence. And I depended on what my instructor and equestrian friends told me.

So I studied, I learned, and I practiced. So now I do know how to help my horse. And I know how to help you, and I feel competent and sure of myself.

I have been a human coach for over 30 years. And I am a certified International Straightness Training Instructor, the only one in France.
I am also a certified video evaluator
in the Straightness Training Academy.
Consequently, I have the experience and unique combination of skills to help riders and horses.

My guidance is in French, English, and Dutch. Because I truly believe my training can help to reduce suffering in horses. As many riders as possible should have access to this information.

People who know me love being taught by me. They say they feel seen and heard and motivated to stretch themselves just that little bit more.

My approach will help to transform the horse into a balanced, supple, and strong horse. With a healthy attitude (both physically and mentally). So that they can carry their human with ease and pleasure.
And my approach help will transform the rider into a confident trainer. Who knows what their horse needs.

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"She is not a "spoon-feeding" instructor but makes you want to take responsibility and think about your actions. I feel my horse, Guriki and I have improved physically, mentally, and emotionally".
Happy Client Aijuna
Aijuna Gration Assié
"Meeting Heleen was a joy from the first moment. Her teaching style is calm and encouraging, with a great sense of when to step back and allow things to progress or when to step in and offer more active help".
Happy Client Victoria
Victoria Smith
"I learned a lot about myself. You never put the emphasis on the negative. You are very gentle, you also adapt to the person with gently, explaining things very well. You also adapt to the horse".
Happy Client Veronica
Véronique Gourgues
"En Confiance had severe Kissing spines, and now she can be ridden again. This could not have happened without Heleen. En Confiance has transformed physically and mentally but I have also grown in my relationship with my mare and myself"
Happy Client Dominique
Dominique Lanneretonne


Allow your horse to become pain free, strong and motivated

Let me coach you

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In person coaching & workshops

Private coaching sessions, workshops, and lectures.

I grant any horse with a hollow back, kissing spines, loss of muscle, or an asymmetrical body, meaningful training. So that they regain physical and mental agility, flexibility and bend-ablilty.

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