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Train your horse to develop an agile, flexible, bendable and healthy body posture. So that you eliminate unnecessary suffering. And keep them happy and motivated.
My program Postural Gymnastics can be your first step.

What about this program?

Do you recognize that...

Your horse doesn't like to jump anymore
Your horse doesn't like to be ridden anymore
You are not in sync with you anymore
Your vet or osteopath told you the back of your horse is weak
You know something is not quite right
You feel it in the way your horse moves
You see it in the way his body is developing
You are not sure why this is happening and how to solve it
You wish you knew what YOU could do to help your horse ...

Would you like very much …

To address the real cause of your horse's problem and suffering
Help your horse, to heal their hollow- and painful back
To know how to train your horse with back problems, muscle loss, a stiff or crooked horse
Or a horse that is unsettled mentally or physically
Or has a pronounced natural asymmetrical
So that you work towards an agile, flexible and bendable body
With a correct healthy posture
With a round and firm back, so they can carry you easily again
To train for a mentally and physically healthy horse
To train your eye, so you know exactly when your horse is doing the right exercise and when they are doing it right
So that you become your fitness trainer for your horse
And you will know exactly what your horse needs

"I can move her hindquarters without touching my horse. She does little things to me that she didn't do before, and she is so much more connected with me. My relationship with my mare has grown, she wasn't very close to me, and now she follows me everywhere"
Céline Hoffman
"Your method is very well explained. I find that reading and re-reading the written explanations is very important. And the more we watch your videos the better we understand"
Laurence Romanet
"I have come to this program because my horse has some health problems. Kissing spines and ulcers. And by researching, I understood that it was necessary to have more knowledge in biomechanics to work the horse in its physical and mental integrity. It is because my horse has problems that I wanted to know more but this. I know now, that this knowledge should be the foundation of all this equestrian education. I regret to learn “backwards”, but am so happy I am leanring it now"
Fanny Maniez
"I really appreciate your kindness, the positive attitude you always look for, in every situation. And of course I am convinced of the benefits of your method"
Mélanie Théodoloz

This is what I have to offer you

Through my step-by-step approach I will teach you to transform your horse into an agile, flexible, bendable and motivated horse with a healthy muscled body. With a positive attitude. So that they can carry you with ease and pleasure.
And you will become a confident trainer. A trainer who knows exactly what exercise to teach, because you know what your horse needs.

Why would you choose me?

I have been a human coach for over 30 years. And am a certified International Straightness Training Instructor: the only one in France.
And a certified video evaluator in the Straightness Training Scholars Academy.
Consequently, I have the experience and unique combination of skills to help riders and horses.

People who work with me love being taught by me. They say they feel seen and heard and motivated to stretch themselves just that little bit more.

"Meeting Heleen was a joy from the first moment. Her teaching style is calm and encouraging, with a great sense of when to step back and allow things to progress or when to step in and offer more active help". Victoria Smith

Because of my special interest in horses with back problems, I have gained much experience in this area. I have helped many horses correcting their posture, regain agility and flexibility of body and limbs.
As well as a balanced emotional and mental state.
I have also helped healthy horses become more athletic, flexible, and balanced in their minds.

What will it bring you?

This Postural Gymnastics program will give you the tools you need and the opportunity to develop your skills for a strong foundation SO THAT:
You KNOW the real cause of your horse's suffering.
Your horse WILL DEVELOP a strong and balanced body, and a round and firm back, so he can carry you easily.
You will lay good foundation for their health and for your relationship.
You will  GET a mentally and physically healthy and balanced horse.
You will TRAIN YOU EYE, so you KNOW exactly when your horse is doing the right exercise. And when he is doing it right.
So you WILL BE your fitness trainer for your horse.
And you will KNOW exactly what your horse needs.

Finally you can work with your horse and share all those wonderful moments!

"I got into this programme to improve my mare's toppling (suspected kissing spines) and for her natural asymmetry.  My biggest take away is the method with the video evaluation follow-up that allows us to correct ourselves "live" . And from interacting with Heleen and being able to see the evaluations of the other students.
And despite being at the beginning, I see a shift in weight during the exercises towards a better balance.   I recommend this programme to others, even though I only just started, because I see positive results for my mare and myself.  A back that curves more upward and rebalancing the weight during the exercise"
"You criticise in a good way and it's very important to look at our challenges. You have found a way to approach a simplicity and you put people at ease and you are not in the judgment "
Laurence Romanet
"What it has already brought me is that when I am working on the longe and when I ask my horse to stop she stops easily square”
Céline Hoffman
"Postural gymnastics is a very good method. And you have a very good eye for the posture of the horse and for what we can improve. Not only in the horse, but also in ourselves"

What will the program look like?

A 1:1 free session to see if this program is for you.
If yes, I will get you started, focused, and create clarity. Clarity on what your goal is with this program.
You get access to this online program consisting of 6 modules and over 40 lessons, with instruction videos, example videos, theory and illustrations: a valuable library.
You will have my guidance for 6 or 9 months (depending on which formula you choose).
Online lessons* : you with your horse in the arena, me behind my computer, giving you instructions in your ear, via Whatsapp, FaceTime, the PIVO app or whatever app suits you best.
Evaluations of your videos with your horse. In which you show me prescribed exercises. In each evaluation you get in depth advice.
A private Facebook group.
In this Facebook group you can watch your fellow students evaluations, this a priceless learning opportunity to train your eye.
A private wrap up zoom call for the last questions and to define your next step.
After the 6 or 9 months with my guidance (depending on which formula you choose) you keep access to this program, to a valuable library, brimming with articles and videos.

Your investment

Postural Gymnastics: Horse training should start here.
I offer my program in a way that it is accessible to everyone.
Find your desired formula here:

Trial session €67
1x Zoom call to get you started, focused, and to create clarity about where you are now and where you want to go.
1x online session or video evaluation via Zoom

Postural Gymnastics DO IT YOURSELF €297
The program is for you, if you want to immerse yourself, go through it and practice at your own pace

Postural Gymnastics BASIC €597

6 months with my guidance
5 live classes online or video assessment in zoom
2x Q&A
You keep access to this program, to this valuable library, brimming with articles after the 6 months with my guidance

Postural Gymnastics INTEGRAL €1197
9 months with my guidance
12 live online classes or zoom video assessment
Q&A if needed
You keep access to this program, to this valuable library, brimming with articles, after the 9 months with my guidance

Contact me for a free session to see what fits best:

You will benefit from personal life lessons, video evaluations, zoom sessions in which you can ask me anything and everything, and a library with over 40 lessons, applied knowledge and instruction video's.
Plus the private Facebook group where you can follow fellow students, discuss together and watch their video evaluations: a priceless learning opportunity.

(Please note: because of the huge demand in French, I am running the French version of the program. If you like to follow the program in English please contact me).

Time investment

For you: Learning is different for everyone and it depends on you how much study time you will need. To go through the program I estimate you will need about 2 to 3 hours a week.  

For your horse: To give your horse a chance to get used to the exercises I recommend you to train 3 to 4 times a week. Depending on your horse’s fitness, a training session can last 10 to 45 minutes.
The most important thing is that you work with your horse consistently, regularly, and with peace and full attention.
Quality comes before quantity. You must allow your horse to get used to the exercises, become supple, develop muscles and stamina, and understand you.

Count me in!

Frequently asked questions

Postural Gymnastics:
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