So that you KNOW exactly what is going well and what can be improved
So that you can
So that you
CAN DO the exercises more effectively
So that you can ASK anything that is not yet clear

Video evaluation and private zoom Q&A €60,--

How does that work?
- You send me a 15 minutes video of your work
- I will evaluate your video
- I discuss with you what you need to work on during a zoom call: give you tips and tops, and advice on your next steps
- You can ask me anything you want

Life online class

What do you need?
If you use a PIVO*
- A PIVO compatible phone
- Wireless headphones
- The PIVO+ application
In the PIVO+ application you will find PIVO MEET, which automatically creates an email from you to me in which I find the link to connect with you.

*PIVO is an auto-tracking mount for phones, that allows users to keep filming as they move around, tracking their motion completely hands-free.

Of course, you can also ask someone to film you and you can use whatssApp, Facetime or the app you prefer.

Individual Coaching
at your place €60,--
and workshops

Each session lasts 1 hour with approximately 45* minutes of instruction and 15 minutes for recap and questions.   
An in-person coaching session is private, a workshop consists of a maximum of 6 combinations, plus spectators. Program with theory and Q&A to be completed as requested.  

* Ultimately, the horse will decide how long the lesson will be, so sometimes we may go over the time, sometimes we use less time,  but you will have the information you need to progress in your journey. 

Traveling expenses to more than 15 kilometers from Gan 64290 €0.50 per kilometer.
Outside France on request.

Why would you work with me?
People who work with me love being taught by me.
They say they feel seen and heard and motivated to stretch themselves just that little bit more.

"I learned a lot about myself. You never put the emphasis on the negative. You are very empathic, you also adapt to the person with gently, explaining things very well. You also adapt to the horse". Véronique Gourgues

"I really appreciate your kindness, the positive attitude you always look for, in every situation. And of course I am convinced of the benefits of your method". Mélanie Théodoloz

"You criticize in a good way and it's very important to look at our challenges. You have found a way to approach a simplicity and you put people at ease and you are not in the judgment ". Laurence Romanet

Count me in!

Frequently asked questions

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