Being 'invited to participate' simply motivates

This week, I was with Héros, a PRE aged almost 6, looking for how to help him best with his natural asymmetry.

All horses are naturally asymmetric in many areas, and they are not at all bothered by this for themselves

But because we want to sit on our horse (and we ourselves are also asymmetrical) we need to help our horse to walk in a better balance. Otherwise,  he will strain or overload muscles and limbs. So, we must help him develop the muscles he needs to carry us in a healthy way and to prevent unnecessary injuries and unnecessary suffering.

Héros is not backed yet and I am in no hurry to do so. His natural asymmetry is very visible, so I am working on balancing him from the ground.

My goal is to develop his body more symmetrically and make his belly and back muscles strong enough that he can carry me with an upward arched back. And so that he can't develop injuries that could have been prevented.

I teach him Postural Gymnastics and often compare it to the exercises I do with Yoga or Pilates.


Anyway, I was working with Héros a few meters away from him and we had occasional communication errors.

However, I did not correct him, but had him search for an answer on his own.  What it brought us was a lot of fun and moments when he used his body all by himself in a good way.


Fun is the first requirement when you are with your horse

and I still sometimes tend to train very purposefully.

I must make a conscious effort to do let go of all expectations.

Because very goal-oriented training creates expectations.

And expectations bring disappointment.

And if you work with your horse from disappointment, you radiate the wrong energy.

That often leads to tension, misunderstanding, impatience, and your horse can’t learn with those emotions.

Don't forget that your horse already senses your mood and emotions way before you are in sight.

The less you expect the more space there is for the horse's own curiosity and input.

Being invited to participate simply motivates

And a motivated horse learns more easily and likes to be with you.


Now I am getting better at letting go of expectations-and tight goals.

I do have a clear picture in my head of how my horses can use their bodies in a healthy way

And I know how to use my intention and body language to encourage them, when they are looking for the 'right answer'.

That brings us such great collaboration and fun. My 'search, inviting and allowing' brought me into these moments in the pictures. And that made me so happy.


Do you know exactly what you expect from your horse, what it should look like when he has developed the right muscles?

When he does the exercise well, and how that feels like?

Do you know were you are looking for?

And do you dare to have your horse figure it out what you want?

Sometimes it all comes together without any effort, Body, mind and soul !

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